Our story begins with Samuel Fein. Born in 1904 in the city of Pewaukee, Samuel graduated Pewaukee High School in 1922 and attended college at the Milwaukee Normal School in 1926 on a basketball scholarship. Before attending college, Samuel married Emily Conklin in 1925 at the age of 21. The two had three children, two daughters and a son named Simon, also known as Simie. Before Fein Brothers, Sam ran two restaurants in the 1920's . He sold his two beloved restaurants and dove into a new business, selling restaurant equipment. Fein Brothers was born in 1929 when Sam and his brother started the business. A few months into their new venture, Sam's brother left the company and moved to Florida but Sam kept the name. The original Fein Brothers was a 35,000 square foot building at 4th and Juneau. By 1967, the store had outgrown its space and Fein Brothers moved to its current location on 2007 N. Martin Lither King Drive. Sam spent the next 55 years owning and operating Fein Brothers with his son Simie. After retiring from the Army, Simie graduated college and at the age of 22 began working for his family full time for the next 50 years. Simie's friend and classmate Gil Minkin started working for the Fein family in 1956. Gil started driving the delivery truck for the company and soon worked his way into ordering merchandise and became a salesperson and phone receptionist. Gil's son Todd has been working for Fein Brothers for more than 20 years. Todd’s cousin Ben has also been with the company for over 15 years. The Minkin cousins bought the company from the Fein family in 2009 under Dine Out Inc., but continue to operate under the Fein Brothers name today. Under Todd and Ben’s ownership, the business has grown every year, with 2015 being the best yet. Currently Fein Brothers has 25 employees and continues to experience rapid growth