Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Welcome to Fein Brothers, your premier food service equipment and supply dealer in Wisconsin since 1929. Whether you own a restaurant, work in a kitchen, or just enjoy cooking for the family, Fein Brothers is here to help. We have the right products, a knowledgeable staff, and a shared passion for the culinary arts. The heart of Fein Brothers is our commitment to service.


Winner of the 2014 Pro Preferred Award for Top Local/Regional Large Appliance Vendor & Services and Top Local/Regional Small Appliance Vendor & Services as chosen by over 40 Milwaukee-area culinary professionals.


Restaurant Equipment Care and Repair

Read tips and steps on how to keep your restaurant equipment and supplies lasting longer.


Product Savvy

Your resource to selecting and using items in the kitchen.

Welcome to Fein Brothers!



Pictures & Winner! See pictures from our June 19th customer appreciation and 85th anniversary celebration and find out who won the kitchen makeover.





Recipe Update

Becky Sue's BBQ Baked Bean Sandwich

Need a new recipe for the kids this school year? Try this easy to make Kraft recipe for lunch next time. It serves 30 sandwiches or 90 as sliders. Add coleslaw as a great side!





Goodkind doesn’t just focus on a delicate pairing of food and drink, they strive to create a truly symbiotic relationship between their kitchen and bar. Artisanal producers and providers give Goodkind access to rare releases and unique seasonal offerings.



An Ode to Little Sandwich

The word 'Panini' is the Americanized version of the Italian word panino, which means little sandwich. It didn’t start off as grilled either – just a simpler version of today’s sandwich with only a single filling. The sandwich didn’t catch the eye of hungry Americans until the mid-1970s.

Celebrate Panini Month by making your own sandwich - 50 different ways.


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